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Billingsley School    Billingsley, AL

Anderson, Karen English/ Spanish/ Yearbook
Atcheson, Ricky 5th/6th Grade Science/Social Studies
Bell, Kimberly 3rd Grade
Bishop, Melissa Counseling
Bland, Lynn English
Brock, Ashley Science
Bullard, Marilyn Art
Burnett, Kendall Agriscience
Candler, Cay Kindergarten
Carter, Susan 2nd Grade
Cobern, Joanna Resource Teacher
Colee, Anne Kindergarten
Dobbins, Renee 3rd Grade
Freeman, Marcy 4th Grade
Galloway, Toni 5th/6th Grade Language Arts/Read 180
Glass, Angel Counseling
Hodge, Barton 4th grade writing, spelling, and Alabama History
Howard, Tralise Reading Specialist
Hubbard, Kelly 5th/6th Grade Language Arts
Jarrell, Rhonda Resource Teacher 3-6
Johnson, Terry Resource Teacher
Lawrence, JT PE/Coach
Lawrence, Lea Media Specialist
Mabry, John PE/Coach
Martin, Wayne Technology Teacher
McGalliard, Nora Music
McGee, Rachel Science
McLean, Tyson P.E./Coach
Minor, Jessica Science
Morrison, Anthony 4th Grade
Morton, Marvin Health/Physical Education
Patterson, Yvonne Resource Teacher
Paxton, Mallory 5th/6th Grade Language Arts
Price, Debbie Mathematics
Reid, Jennifer Kindergarten
Richey, Michelle Speech
Robinson, Joshua Social Studies
Robinson, Quanda 5th/6th Grade
Stinson, Carlyn English Teacher
Thompson, Nathan Social Studies
Tillerson, Debey History/English
Tindol, Tammy Gifted
Veazey, Joshua Mathematics
Veazey, Lauren Mathematics
Watkins, Lindsay 1st Grade
White, Erin 2nd Grade
Willis, April 1st Grade
Zaner, Kim Business Education
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