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Billingsley School    Billingsley, AL

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In School Suspension

 ~Helpful Reminders~


A.     Students assigned to ISSC are expected to conform to all rules published in the Autauga County Student Code of Conduct.

B.     Students must report each day with textbooks, paper, and three pencils.  Upon arrival students must be seated at their assigned places.

C.     Students must supply his/her own textbooks.  Bookbags and purses will be placed in a specified area.

D.     Search and seizure will be conducted by staff who have reasonable cause to do so.

E.      Students who check out will be assigned another day in ISSC to replace the check-out day.

F.      If a student is absent (excused) for the day of his/her referral time, that time will start on the first day the student is able to attend ISSC.

G.     In order for the student to have an excused absence from ISSC, he/she must have a written explanation from the parent/guardian along with a phone number where the parent/guardian may be contacted.  After two days a doctor’s excuse must be provided.

H.     Students will be assigned to an individual study cubicle and cannot turn around or leave that cubicle without permission.

I.        There will be no talking, chewing gum, writing or passing of notes, books or periodicals, sleeping or moving about for any purpose.

J.       Students must satisfactorily complete teacher or ISSC assignments daily.  Additional days may be assigned if the work is not satisfactorily completed.

K.     Students will be allowed to go to the restroom twice daily- once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  Special problems will be considered.

L.      Students may purchase a lunch for the price of one dollar and fifty cents or receive a free/reduced lunch depending on what program they have been approved for.  There will be no talking during lunch time.

M.    Students will act respectful at all times, to ISSC staff (yes sir, no sir, yes ma’am, thank you, excuse me sir, etc.).

N.     Students are not allowed to deface any school facilities or property.

O.     Dress will be appropriate school clothing.  The students will have no drug, alcohol, rock groups or satan’s emblems in their possessions.  This includes clothing, notebooks, etc. No hats, arm bands, etc.

P.      A student may receive additional days if based upon counseling sessions, he/she does not display appropriate behavior or attitude to the school environment.

Q.     Any misbehavior or failure to follow rules may result in additional days, corporal punishment, Alternative school or expulsion.

R.     After a student is assigned to ISSC the student will sign a copy of the ISSC rules indicating he/she has received and understands the rules of ISSC.

S.      The principal or his designee will make decisions that are in the best interest of the student.

T.      The student must be accompanied by his/her parent/guardian in the morning after release from ISSC for a conference with the principal or his designee.  Conference time is after 8:15 A.M.

U.     When a student is assigned to ISSC, a parent/guardian will be notified as specified in the Student Code of Conduct by the assigning principal.

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