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Billingsley School    Billingsley, AL

Rhonda Jarrell Staff Photo



Highly Qualified Teacher


Received Bachelor Degree in Special Education (Newborn - 21) / Regular Education (1st – 6th    grade) from Auburn University at Montgomery. 




. Substituting at Children’s Center and Father Parcels while working on my bachelor degree at Auburn University at Montgomery.


.Working in Autauga County as a Resource Teacher since 1995.




As a child from a family oriented in education I grew up in university towns scattered around the Midwest. When looking for a place to set firm family roots we chose Alabama. I have the privilege of being an Alabamian since 1971. Alabama has provided me with many blessings. My blessings began with a great education in the Autauga County School System. I was inspired by a very special person to pursue a calling to become a special education teacher. My endeavors lead me to receive a bachelor degree in special education / regular education from Auburn University at Montgomery. I have had the honor of being a resource teacher in the Autauga County School System since 1995. My Alabama roots are firmly planted with a wonderfully supportive husband, two children, two grandchildren, and my Billingsley’s family.


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