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Billingsley School    Billingsley, AL

Susan Carter Staff Photo


Time Flies!!   

Hey Parents! Can you believe it is already almost Thanksgiving!  The year has flown by!!  Here are some things you will need to know for the next couple of weeks:

1. We will start a new unit in reading...Unit 3: What does it mean to be creative?

2. We are starting double digit addition and subtraction with regrouping.  Please make sure you are working with your child at home with their basic facts to ensure they are ready for regrouping.

3. We will be ordering filed trip shirts next Monday, please turn in your money if you haven't already.  

4. We will have a Thanksgiving feast next week, look for a letter to go home on Friday, November 13th.  

5.  Friday night football is in full swing this week, with the second round of play-offs at our field.  Be sure to come out and support the BEARS!! Also note that tickets will be slightly higher than usual with no free pass entry due to the fact it is a play off game.  State rules apply! 

6. Have a GREAT weekend!! 

It's already September!   

Hey all!  I can't believe it is already September! Wow, time flies!  I just wanted to give a few quick reminders about this upcoming week, and some suggestions on things we can do at home to help our children succeed.  Please remember this is a 4 day week, so study your spelling words everynight.  Also, I will begin sending some practice math facts home each night.  Please take the time to practice these facts.  Our kids need a little extra boost in math and knowing their single digit math facts will help.  Look for a calendar, newletter, and homework paper to go home tomorrow, Tuesday, September 8th.  Also, I will be sending graded papers home.  Please keep all papers at home unless they are maked otherwise.  From this moment forward, you should received graded papers every Tuesday.  Look them over, sign the insdie of the folder, and mark whether you would like to have a conference.  THank you for all that you do and I hope to see some of you soon!  Happy Laobr Day! 

Mrs. Carter

First full week  

Hey parents!  This week is starting the first full week of school, where class times are in full swing.  We will be following our regular class schedule starting with day 1 and hope that we can get as close to it as possible.  This first week is always the toughest due to the pace at which we work in class.  Please don't let your kiddos get discouraged!  It will become easier and easier everyday to get used to the fast pace and movement of the class.  We will introduce the first story this week, The Twin Club, begin centers, Math time, and incorporate Social Studies and Science into our day.  Please expect to have homework every night this week.  We are asking that each parent sign their  homework planner and reading log everynight.  This is SO IMPORTANT for our children.  The more they read the better they will become! On Tuesday, look for the August calendar to be sent home with some upcoming due dates.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call, email, or text me.  HAve a great day and I look forward to meeting with each of you soon!

Mrs. Carter

The First Day of School   

Greetings Parents!  The first day of school was a HUGE SUCCESS in second grade! The kids came right in and quickly found their way around the room.  We completed a read-a-loud on the First Day Jitters, Leo the Late Bloomer, Chrysanthemum, and There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly! YUCK!! The students created a craftivity with Chrysanthemum, collected and graphed data, drank Jitter Juice to scare away the first day jitters, and set up the first pages in their Reading and Math Journals.  The day was packed with activities, and the fun will continue tomorrow!  I hope everyone has a fantastic evening and I can't wait to see each and every student again tomorrow for another fun filled day!


May Madness  

Hey Parents! Friday begins the month of May, which is the last few weeks of school! Yeah!! Just a few reminders:

Come to school everyday and on time! We are still teaching and learning!

Get good rest at night and eat a good breakfast!

Complete your homewrok everynight! 

Have GREAT fun ont he weekends!

We will also announce the official day for Field Day next week, so be looking for that date!


P'zazz Paint Day  

Don't Forget Parents!  Today is P'zazz paint day!

Law Day Field Trip   

Don't forget to wear your classroom field trip shirt on Monday for our Law Day Field Trip!! We are going to have an educational blast!

Fourth Nine Weeks!  

Hey Friends! The beginning of the 4th nine weeks begins on Friday, March 13th.  Please remember to continue to send your child to school everyday and on time.  Also, it is SO important to read with your child each night and complete their homework.  This is extra practice for our students so they can become successful readers and thinkers!  Also, we still have DIBELS in April, and the Performance Series Test.  At the end of this nine weeks, your child should be reading 87 words per minute.  This is the benchmark score for second grade, so please continue to read.

Our field trip is coming up quickly, so be looking for an agenda to come home next week.  Don't foget we will leave at 5:30 am on Friday, March 20th, and return at 8:30pm.   

Beatuy Walk is this Saturday at 4:00pm, come out and support the girls!

Spring Break starts Friday, March 27, 2015! Yippee!


Third Nine Weeks!  

Hey Friends! It's the third nine weeks of school and we are on the down hill slide for the year!  Just some important reminders for the upcoming nine weeks!

In February:

Monday, February 2: The 100th Day of School Celebration

  • Please remember to dress as though you are 100 years old...go all out...there are no boundaries, as long as you stay in dress code and follow school rules!
  • Remember to bring 100 of something to make a classroom CHEX mix.  It can be any edible thing you'd like.  Just remember to count out 100 pieces.
  • Friday, February 13th is the due date for the second $20.00 deposit for the Tennessee Field Trip. 

  • Monday, Febraury 16th: Out of School for President's Day!


March 27th- April 3rd Spring Break!

Children return to school on Monday, April 6th!































































































Field Trip to American Village  

Don't Forget that Monday, November 3rd,2014 we will be traveling to American Village to kick off the month of Thanksgiving!  We will get to see the reenactment of the First Thanksgiving!  Wear tennis shoes and bring a jscket!

Red Ribbon Week   

It's Red Ribbon Week!  We will be celebrating a "Drug Free" week!  Don't forget to wear your red ribbon week gear!

Monday: Wear RED

Tuesday: Bring a Bear to School

Wednesday: Wear your sunglassess: We're Too Cool For Drugs!!

Thursday: Wear boots: Boot Out Drugs!

Friday: Costume Day: We're Going To Scare Drugs Away!


HAppy Red Ribbon Week!

YMCA Water Safety   

Water Safety Tomorrow Tuesday, September 9th!

Don't forget your towel, swimsuit , and extra change of clothes!

Water Safety  


This is a reminder about water safety on Tuesday, September 9th.  Bring your towel, swimsuit, and change of clothes!

Dr. Seuss Week   

Parents! This week is Dr. Seuss Week!  Please remeber  to dress up each day according to the schedule!

Monday: Wear your Cat in the Hat hat

Tuesday: Wear crazy Socks

Wednesday: Wear sunglasses

Thursday: PJ Day

Friday: Dress like your favorite book character

** Please remember that all studentsmust still be in dress codeon dress up days!


Picture Day!  

Picture Day!

Thursday, February, 13th

Class/spring Pictures

Valentine's Day!  

Happy Valentine's Day!

Don't forget your goodies and cards!

100th Day  

Tuesday, Febraury 11th

100th Day

Don't forget!! Dress up like a 100 year old man or woman

PTO Meeting  

PTO Meeting Tonight!

Monday, Febraury 10th

7:00 pm

Valentine's Day Celebration  

It’s Valentine’s Day!

Dear Parents,

      Friday, February 14th, second grade will be celebrating Valentine’s Day! Since the students will only be at school for half a day, we will celebrate in the morning. We will begin our activities around 9:00 am. We are asking that each student bring the items listed next to their name. In addition to these items, if you would like to bring Valentine’s Day cards, there is a list of student names attached. We are all friends in second grade, so please make sure there is a card for each student in the class. Mr. Nixon has requested that there are no gift deliveries to the office on this day. Things such as balloon bouquets, candy baskets, flowers, teddy bears, ect… will be turned away. Please send only what is needed for the classroom celebration. We are so excited and can’t wait for a FUN filled day!


                                                      Thanks Again,

                                                Second Grade Teachers  

100th Day of School   

Dear Parents,

      Tuesday, February 11th, we will celebrate the 100th Day of School. Our goal for this day is for each second grade class to read 100 books in one day!! WOW! Can it be done? If the students complete the task, then we will celebrate with a 100Days of Reading cake! YUM! We are asking that each student dress up in their best 100 year old person outfit. Go all out, gray hair, glasses, canes, anything goes. We are looking for the oldest person in second grade! Happy Dressing!


                                                               Excited Second Grade Teachers

Valentine's Day!  


Please do not send anything for your students through the office on Friday.  Mr. Nixon has requested that all flowers, balloons, ect... not be sent to school.  If theyare sent they will be turned away.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but this helps with safety on the buses and protects learning time.  Thanks!


Susan Carter

Report Cards  

Per Mr. Agee reprot cards will go home on Thursday, Febraury 20th, due to inclement weather.


Welcome Back!  

Welcome Back Second Grade Friends!

Just a reminder: Field Trip Money is due on Friday, February 7th!

Field Trip to Tennessee Aquarium on Friday, Febraury 21st!

School Closings  

School Closing!

Be aware that school will be CLOSED on Tuesday, Janaury 28th, and Wednesday, January 29th due to severe winter weather.  School will resume Thursday, Janaury 29th.

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