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Special Education Services

To clarify, the program provides unique instructional strategies that are utilized when teaching students with disabilities. The strategies   focus on accelerating individual strengths while minimizing weaknesses in learning. These alternative educational strategies are used to instruct disabled students who exhibit academic, behavior, health and/or physical challenges.


For a student to be considered educationally handicapped and receive Special Education and Related Services a student must be evaluated and declared eligible for services by a committee of education professionals.


A student may be deemed eligible to receive one or a combination of these programs.


Once a student is declared eligible for Special Education and Related Services an Individual Education Plan (IEP) Committee is convened. The committee is made up of the student’s teacher, other educators as needed, administrators, other professionals as appropriate and the parent. The committee must develop a written education plan (IEP) that focuses on meeting the individual needs of the handicapped student. Decisions made by the IEP Committee have the effect of law.


Thus, the roll, responsibilities, daily plans and activities are spelled out for the Special Education teachers. They are charged with implementing the services dictated in the IEPs for the disabled students on the Special Education teachers’ rosters. Some IEPs include components that are carried out diligently by the Regular Education teachers.


The role, responsibilities as well as the Special Education Program goals and objectives are clear. Special Education teachers must work continuously, individually and with the Regular Education program staff to implement the IEPs of all disabled students receiving Special Education services.


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