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Billingsley School    Billingsley, AL

Supply List 

5th Grade Supply List

Billingsley School



4 Large packs of #2 pencils

1 pack of paper

2 boxes of Kleenex

3 rolls of paper towels

4 dry erase markers

1 small dry erase board

1 pack highlighters

1 bottle anti-bacterial hand soap

1 box of Clorox/Lysol wipes

4 boxes cap erasers

3 composition notebooks

8 spiral notebooks (may need more throughout the year)

3 packs copy paper

1 box of crayons

1 box of markers

1 pair of scissors

2 pack of glue sticks

1 zipper pouch for pencils

1 plastic orange folder with prongs

7 folders with prongs (multicolors)

$4.00 for planner

Classroom donation gladly accepted!


Any of the following donations would be greatly appreciated:

**Plug Ins     ****Plastic tubs for storage (folder size)

**Prizes for student prize chest

**Dry erase board cleaner

**Band aides

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