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Billingsley School    Billingsley, AL

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Student expectations 

Ms. Stinson

English 7, 8, 11, 11AP



·         Notebook paper

·         Pencils (not mechanical—they make a terrible mess)

·         Lined notecards (100)

·         Pens (blue for notecards, black for final drafts, and purple for peer editing)

·         Composition book (journal)

·         One pack of multi-colored highlighters (yellow, green, pink, blue, orange)

·         One box of tissues

·         One large hand sanitizer OR one container of cleaning wipes (Lysol, Clorox, etc.)

·         One pack of paper towels OR one spray bottle of dry erase board cleaner


Expectations (CLAW)

Come prepared:

·         Have paper, sharpened pencils, books and classwork/homework

·         Pencil sharpener may only be used before the tardy bell rings, or with teacher’s permission.

·         Classroom supplies are limited and are to be used with teacher’s permission only.

Listen and learn:

·         Raise your hand—no talking unless it is your turn.

·         Participate in class work and discussions.

·         Reminder—You can and will receive a disciplinary write-up if you refuse to do class work or participate.

Act respectfully:

·         Respect = kindness

·         Follow the Golden Rule (Treat others as you wish to be treated.)

Work hard:

·         Do your best on everything.

·         Answer thoroughly, neatly, and energetically. (Energetic is the opposite of lazy!)


*School rules and regulations are listed in the student handbook. Violations will result in loss of privileges, parent contact, and/or office referrals.

Major grades (65%)

I.                    Journals--Students will write in journals multiple times throughout the week. Entries will usually involve responding to a specific prompt or question.


II.                  Projects & Presentations--Projects will be completed for each major unit (poetry, novel, drama, short stories, etc.). These may be individual assignments, partner work, or collaborative group work.


III.                Unit tests--Unit tests will include all aspects of a major unit, such as vocabulary, plot summary, and application of skills.

Minor grades (35%)

I.                    Bellringers--Students will complete bellringers daily. These will remain in the room in student folders. When the class has reached 10, they will be checked for completion.


II.                  Vocabulary quizzes--Vocabulary quizzes will be given periodically. The number of vocabulary terms will vary throughout the year.


III.                Content quizzes--Quizzes will be given to monitor progress on grammar skills, confirm knowledge of various literary devices or rules, and verify understanding of literature.


IV.                Homework/classwork--Homework often consists of reading or researching. Failure to do so will make it difficult to participate in daily lessons. Classwork will involve tasks such as writing, completing a grammar lesson, or presenting an assignment to the class (public speaking).


Make up work and retaking of tests/quizzes is on Fridays during Activity period. Students are responsible for signing up prior to Friday and showing up on Friday. Special arrangements can be made for making up work before school (7:00 a.m.).


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